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Watch It: TVD: Family Ties

Another thriller intro with Elena being terrorized by Damon. Or so we have been steered to believe. Damon is playing mind games with Stefan to terrorize his brother. Which is becoming tiresome after a while and lose its effect.

Good thing to know that pissing contests between men never dies. Especially between brothers. Especially between territorial male vampires who both have their eyes on the same girl. Age ol’ cock fighting never ends.

The Gilbert family apparently has strong community ties since they’re donating items to the local museum. That’s a pretty awesome backstory for Elena. To be richly embedded to her surroundings.

HOLD UP. Elena just starts making out with her boyfriend in the foyer while her brother and aunt are in the kitchen. How the hell did that fly? I remember growing up that everyone had parents that would never allow that in their direct line of vision or siblings that wouldn’t call you out on it. Then it cuts to them being in her bedroom again. Making out on the bed. I’m guessing the doors closed. That’s insane to me. Maybe I’m just old.

Well Tyler is a major dick. Making trouble with everyone. All over people one minute and ignoring them the next. It’s either because he’s the son of the mayor or because he’s abused or something along those lines.

Jeremy is being a bit of a punk towards Vicky. He may love her and she may be breaking his heart but he doesn’t get to follow her around and act hurt everywhere. I understand it. I’ve been in his shoes and I had to learn to back off. You have to let the other person live their life. To love who they want to love. To be supportive of them or let them go entirely. You just become a bitter asshole if you sulk every day until they come back to you. Chances are they won’t and if they do they won’t stay long. They’re only there for the attention you give them and then drop you for someone they actually like because they sure as hell don’t really like you for anything else than a piece of action in the moment. So, save yourself some heartache and let her be.

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The Vampire Diaries on Netflix!

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