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Watch It: TVD: Friday Night Bites

This show definitely has potential. It does draw your attention and allows you to get invested. I’m very curious how they’re going to tie up and introduce new strings of storylines and characters. In every episode we get to see another layer added to every part of the world this show is set in. I’m really excited to see what it all adds up to. Hopefully, this episode is a great addition to what has already been laid.

This intro feels more like an intense psychological drama than a fantastical horror with the abuser and the victim feel. It’s a nice change in pace. Also, Damon isn’t predictably killing another couple and that’s a nice change.

I wonder how far they’re going to take the Bonnie is psychic thing. It fits in this world, for sure. The only thing is that it’s not made relevant enough and just seems like a filler piece of information.

Ah, another teen television drama fill-in, joining the football team and being over qualified. After years and years of tv shows doing this they should know that no one really cares about the one episode or one season football try out and the sparse games that don’t further the story and become tedious. The only teen television show that could pull it off was Friday Night Lights, which is all about football and absolutely wonderful.

That teacher that was telling the Gilbert aunt off is back to tearing down his students. This guy should definitely be fired for how he is teaching. He’s also the football coach which is horrible. They need a better person to guide them and to teach them both history and football. No wonder the kids have an attitude about everything.

Elena is doing one of the things that I hate when others try to do it to me. Make me like their boyfriends. They may be nice on the surface but if you can tell that they’re shitty. There’s no changing that. The only thing you can do is be supportive of your friend and do your best to protect them. Poor Bonnie to be put in this position because she is definitely getting bad vibes from Stefan.

Well Elena is a cheerleader. Didn’t catch that before. In other shows they drop the cheerleader aspect of a character after a few episodes or a season along with the football storyline. I wonder if this will happen here.

Well Elena has given up her sense of self and is slowly starting to revolve around her boyfriend. This is unfortunate for her as a character. It’s going to become boring and slow.

The one thing I have been surprised by in these last few episodes is that Matt is a great character. He respects Elena and her choices. He doesn’t want anything to do with being in a love triangle and is constantly stepping away from it. He cares for his family and friends. He wants whats best for everyone even if it’s not in his best interest. Matt so far is the true hero in this show. Someone to aspire to be. We’ll have to see if that changes in the future.

Well Elena might be in trouble now. Damon has a bit of a mean streak towards his brother. Elena is with Stefan. She just invited Damon in her house without knowing what he is and the only thing that was really protecting her was that he couldn’t enter without her permission. So, this will be interesting to watch how he manipulates this to his advantage.

Oh no! Damon likes Elena. He definitely likes Elena. I wonder how this is going to play out and when.

I’m really curious on when the reveal of what Stefan did to Damon is going to come out. Damon is so vengeful and he cares about hurting his brother too much for there to be nothing that Stefan did to him. He just wants to hurt his brother like he was hurt. It has nothing to do about being evil or mean just to be so. He’s justifying it in some way in his mind because of what Stefan might have done to him.

Fast end to the cheerleader. That is hilarious. I didn’t realize it would end so soon. Next episode maybe? Nope, same episode.

So, everything I’ve said has been vocalized now. They show most if not all of their cards up front. I’m not sure why you would want to do that but other teen shows do it as well. I guess so the viewers know that almost everything is at the surface and to keep the interest of their young audience.

The bad boy vampire Damon has been outed to having feelings. Now he has to prove himself. At least he takes it out on the asshole history teacher football coach guy that’s just a miserable person to listen to. I’m glad the coach is gone for good.

Bonnie just connected the dots and I’m sure believes she’s a witch or a psychic now. They wouldn’t build that up if it was going absolutely nowhere. Going to be interesting to see that play out in its entirety.

Everyone is showing their love. Some reciprocation. Jeremy and Vicky. Stefan and Elena. Damon towards Elena in secret, in a Twilight creepy bedroom stalker way that Elena will probably never know about.

This show has shown some depth. The characters are filling out a bit more every episode with another layer of emotions, thoughts, and backstories. The storylines are being layered. Hopefully it’s going to add up to something meaningful and not just for quick reactions. There’s tremendous potential here and I’m ready to see more!

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