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Watch It: TVD: The Night of the Comet

Vampire movies have a fast pace because of the medium. There’s a need to make a quick jump into the action. Vampire television is long winded and filled with mountains information about the characters. If nothing else, I hope that there is more meaningful action than killing for statements and food.

Apparently every episode is going to open with a cheesy horror movie opening. It’s only bad because they’re taking it seriously. It’s a major point between the brothers I’m assuming because of the last episode. So, this will be a lingering problem for the characters and the viewers.

The two Gilbert siblings parental guardian is completely inadequate in offering supervision or guidance. She’s more of the babysitter of almost adults who are going to do their own thing anyway. Hopefully it ends up being a Raising Helen situation.

There is one that I absolutely don’t understand about vampire human relationships. I know that they’re stuck in bodies of 18 or 20 year olds but their minds age. They grow old in that way. So their personalities and intelligence are not fixed to when they’re turned. How does no one think they’re pedophiles? They’re 170 hitting on or dating a 16 or 17 year old girl. The vampire certainly knows better. It’s all seen as romantic and an actual undying love. I’m not sure how I feel about the relationships themselves but this show certainly is not going to tackle that issue. So, I’ll leave further talk to another future article.

Matt definitely the sad boy of the series outside of the vampires. However, the vampires seem more joyful than Matt does and that’s pretty bad. I’m guessing that’s why Elena didn’t want to date him after her parents died. She’s sad enough on her own.

HOLD UP. During the last episode and this episode I thought that the Gilbert parents died maybe a year ago or something close but yet distant. FOUR MONTHS is not enough time to just get over the death of close family members. Jeremy is depressed and looking to close the gap by being in a relationship with Vicky and using addictive substances. Elena certainly has survivors guilt that no one is really addressing. Their parental guardian is offering them little to no assistance from the looks of it. They both certainly should be in therapy. So, all of that said, this teacher should be fired for saying that it was four months ago like they should be over it. He should be offering more help not criticism towards their aunt.

Elena and her friends, Bonnie and Caroline, have an interesting dynamic. They’re showing Elena as being the leader with the focus solely on her and then her friends as the allies beside her, consoling and pushing her. However, how they’re showing her friends without her around is that Caroline is the popular girl in school with all the connections and Bonnie is the popular but mostly keeps to herself type. I wonder how their relationship will progress.

Their Aunt seems to be learning. She can get their attention and be authoritative. She doesn’t stick the landing though. You don’t get respect or true authority by demanding it.

As much as Jeremy is broody and sad, he’s super sweet to Vicky. She seems to bring a smile to his face. Which is nice to see from him.

Why would someone ever just walk into someone else’s house? Door unlocked or locked. Never just walk into someone else’s space. That’s an invasion of privacy and trust. If you’re family or close friends, that’s a different scenario. Just meeting and deciding that flirting is close enough to just help yourself to someone’s space is not right. He didn’t even know she was going to be over.

Damon is the bad boy who’s been hurt too many times and is acting out. Instead of the cheesy bad boy things he could be, he’s a vampire who goes against the “rules” about exposing his kind and feeds on humans, sometimes to death. He’s strangely kind to Elena though. Maybe Elena will be involved in another love triangle involving Damon. Maybe not. But his actions do leave a wide door open to him having some type of involvement or loyalty to Elena.

Vicky is certainly dealing with some botched hypnosis from Stefan which looks like PTSD nightmares involving Damon.  She’s also very gaunt. I wonder if she’s turning into a vampire or if the nightmares are just getting to her. It’s hard to tell in this situation and “hospital” lighting isn’t always the best.

The American work system still rears its ugly face in this world. That’s nice. Can’t wait for the politics. Although, this was made during the Obama years. So maybe it’ll be more kind on that front if it comes up.

Elena seems to be making a choice in the love triangle. While not outright choosing Stefan and hurting Matt, she leaves Matt and allows there to be room for Stefan to come in. I’m not sure which is worse. However, maybe it has less to do with Matt and more to do with the fact the she’s hurt that Stefan has been with someone else.

Vicky is attacked by Damon in the bathroom. They’re both now on top of a building in town. Certainly in view and hearing range of the whole town. This is certainly going to cause problems. One way or another.

It’s 2009, the PS3 came out in 2006, why is Jeremy playing a PS1? Playing old consoles are cool. However, he doesn’t have any others and doesn’t seems to have many games. Just a weird detail to me.

Damon stalking Caroline throughout this episode is a bit creepy. Makes me think of old thriller movies. I wonder what plans he has for her.

Nevermind. Apparently Caroline is Damons food bag. At least that was a quick resolution.

Well it looks like the main action in this serious will be killing or hurting to feed or to make a statement. I was hoping for something less predictable. Lets hope that future episodes will involve more complex situations that don’t require long winded conversations about the morality and philosophy of the situation that they are all in.

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