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What happens when you combine a standard teen drama, twilight, and cheesy horror? The Vampire Diaries. CW pushes these teen dramas of different variations with half decent soundtracks out like no one else. I’ll give them that. However, unlike twilight and some other teen dramas, the Vampire Diaries has some likable actors which in turn allow the characters to appear charming. Even with seemingly horrible dialog and storylines.

I absolutely hated the first 30 seconds of the show. In comes the cheesy horror. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a good cheesy horror. Especially one that can poke fun at itself. This is not the show that can do that though. Everyone tries to act too seriously with drugs, alcohol, and death.  Which hits the twilight like vampire drama minus the sparkling side effects of being a creature with a hankering for blood. If they had handled that beginning better, I would have been somewhat more interested.

So, we have our handy ol’ love triangle that has been newly birthed in this episode with the introduction of Stefan Salvator, Elana Gilbert, and Matt Donovan. Why have a love triangle? They’re never interesting and seem to be the crutch of a lazy writer. Hopefully this one is more fulfilling than other love triangles of the past.

The one thing the show has been able to establish though the actors is care. Elena running scared through the cemetery, the small backstory reveals of Elena and Stefan, when Vicky Donovan is bitten by Damon Salvator, you care about what happens to them. Which is a strong factor in watching more episodes and allowing the show to be successful.

Through and through you can tell that the hatred between Stefan and Damon, the brothers, will be a big factor in future episodes, if not the season. Hatred between characters just like a love triangle tends to last a season or seasons. It’s typical and can get old fast.

Overall, not the worst I’ve seen out of a CW show but I’m hoping that the story will turn out better in the next episode. The music is by far the most enjoyable part at the moment. The characters were a good second though. With better writing they could have really pushed this episode a lot further. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.

You can watch The Vampire Diaries on Netflix!
The Vampire Diaries on Netflix!

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