Read It: Even Rain Is Just Water

This book really got to me and was hard to read through because of my own personal experiences. So, it took me a little longer than it should have to get through it. There were some good things it had going for it and then there were other aspects that really took away from it.

This memoir has great emotion and it really comes through the narration of her life. It brought back memories of my own life. Which should say how bad I felt and how it can bring great emotions to the readers. The difficulties she has faced really tugs at you and you feel for her. She did a great job of putting it to paper.

The rearranging of the story, most of the time, did not work. I would get into one portion of the story and then the story would change and I would lose all feeling when the momentum of the story was lost. Jumping through the timeline without hardline, would lose my place or if what was stated before was connected. If it was better put together, the book would have been unbelievably fantastic and had a lot more impact.

Having faith is fine with me. Talking about your religion is fine. I’m not a religious person at all. As the author gets older she becomes increasingly religious and the later portions of her story is filled with church, beliefs, and justification for what happened to her. For me, I definitely couldn’t connect with her on these aspects of her life. I just had a dead feeling about it and was ready for it to be done every time. However, it may be some else’s thing and they can connect with this part of the memoir. Just not me.

This book really hit me harder than I expected. However, there are a lot of improvements that could be made. I don’t know if I recommend the book but I thought it was a good read overall.

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