Seen It: Swiss Army Man

This film has a lot going on just in the idea of it. I’m not sure what to call it. Maybe physical fantasy fiction. Swiss Army Man to me sounds like it could be about a man in the Swiss Army. However, it is about a man being used as a utility tool much like a Swiss Army knife. It was most definitely a unique movie.

I really like the style of the movie. Through the scenes in the movie where there are new “moves” there is a comic book effect that really added to the comedic sense of the story. The film was edited really well, welcoming an even pace and additional but small effects that helped the humor and story. It really hit the point.

The story itself was absolutely ridiculous and it ended up being hilarious rather than the easy disaster that it could have been. A dead man helping a “lost” man “survive” in the woods by a coast is a weird concept. Then having the dead man talk and become a tool for the man to use was just crazy to watch. Then during the film I sat there wondering if this was actually happening or if he just lost his mind. Well, I had lots of questions in general. How did he get there? Why did he decide to carry this dead guy around the woods rather than burning or burying him? And many more questions. It was a really good story that kept me interested and was able to make me laugh.

Now, what I didn’t like in this movie. The only thing that really put me off this movie was the obsessive thoughts that the main character has about a secondary character. His obsession pushed a lot of the movie from one point to another and it very much didn’t feel right. If they had found another motivator to push the story, it would have been perfect.

Overall, this is a great, hilarious, and unique film. I would recommend watching it. Just don’t start thinking that obsessing over a girl, or any person, to move your life along is ok! Still, a great movie from start to end.

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