Read It: George Lucas: A Life

This biography was very informative and had a great narrative. I unexpectedly picked it up from the library while getting another book. I definitely do not regret picking it up even though it took me a while to get through it. I can say there was a lot I didn’t know that I’m glad that I know now and I would recommend it for others who love love, technology, history, and of course Star Wars.

There is one thing that I didn’t like and that would be the constant repetition of the same information. It reminds me what I would do in college to meet the word count or to push out more pages. It definitely drove up the page count and was highly annoying.

The layout of the book was wonderful. I really liked the chronological approach to the chapters since there are a lot of biographies and memoirs, especially lately, that jump around in time. I also liked the parts of the book that was broke down into parts based upon major time periods of George’s life. The pictures that were included saved me time looking them up on Google. Which I appreciate. I did not like the last 100 or so pages of source notes but I understand why they’re there. Overall, the lay of the book was great.

This book had a lot of information about Mr. Lucas and his life. To me, the author really did his research with digging though news articles, blogs and websites, video, audio, and other books. The unique factor was that the information was easy to read and I was constantly turning pages. It also wasn’t a Star Wars centric book despite the cover, which was great, and it really was about George Lucas. I didn’t double check the information though. So, I can’t say much about that but I’m hoping the editor did their job. Anyways, lots of information and it all added to the story that is George Lucas.

Those that just wanted the Star Wars information may not like it. However, if you want to know about Lucas, to me, this was a great source for a heap of information that was easy to read. There is a lot of repetition of information and it seemed like it was longer than it needed to be. Overall, a wonderful book but be prepared to spend a lot of time reading.

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