Seen It: Evita (1996)

I remember growing up and seeing the commercials for the movie with the memorable “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” balcony scene. Then later on VHS, finally, seeing the movie! Back then I was taken by the fast movements and singing without really understanding the story. Now, as a much older person, I have a lot more knowledge and understanding.

I’m not sure if it’s because I had expectations based on my memories, I saw a lot of problems with the story. Truthfully, I don’t know if Che knew Eva Peron or not but he was a character pieced into almost every scene. He was with the people, working, or just there as a mouthpiece to comment on Eva. I think the story would have been a million times better without him and even more better than the fantasy dance scene. He was also used to segue between scenes at times and that really disconnected the story for me. Again, they should not have had him in the story, very distracting and unnecessary to me.

I wasn’t happy with the length of the film. It felt too long. Especially with the distractions in the story. It wasn’t engaging enough to have me sit focused and happy with it. Cutting a few scenes would have helped or maybe cutting the musical numbers down. If they ever do a remake, I hope they improve and not regurgitate this same movie without timing considerations.

I did like the casting. The only part where I didn’t think that it was appropriate was when Eva was a young woman and Madonna didn’t look like a young woman. They should’ve had another actor for that small bit. Other than that I have no complaints on casting. The cast was a great group of talent to sing and act. Which in itself was enjoyable.

I hope these words are taken in consideration when viewing the film as it states my understanding and knowledge of it. I love musicals and I hope this is read as caring words and not spiteful ones. Overall, this was an ok musical that has the potential to be much more.

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