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Eating Out: Spice Connexion

Last Sunday I was out driving all over the place. I needed to explore places and just get out of my apartment. So, after driving around for 2 hours, I found myself in Martinsburg and super hungry. I drove by this strip mall that sits next to a shut down mall. There was this little sign pointing me down towards the back of a building where all the stores are facing the front and not on the side like this restaurant. I was ready for food and a new experience.

Spice Connexion is an Indian restaurant. The place had a comfortable friendly feeling which was enjoyable as I stepped inside. I got to seat myself and I chose a small table in a corner. I felt relaxed and ready to look over the menu.

I needed more time the second time the waiter came around. So, I ordered a beer. It was a Blue Heron Pale Ale by Mendocino Brewing Company which was OK. I liked it but its not something to rave about. I would drink it again to just have a dinner beer where the food should be more important than the drink unless they’re paired.

When I finally ordered food I started with an appetizer. The menu had a house special symbol next to the Fresh Palak Chaat. So that’s what I ordered. It showed up warm and fragrant. I picked up a piece with my fork and took my first taste. It was crispy and light with the yogurt it tasted tangy. When the yogurt was gone the spinach pieces tasted nutty. I was happy with my choice and it was absolutely delicious.

For the main meal I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala. It was just midly spicy but still delicious. The sauce was rich with spices and creamy. The chicken was buttery and just melted in my mouth. The rice was delicious and spiced as well. I ordered some Beatles Naan which had fruit and nuts in it. Everything was amazing and went really well together.

If you ever have a chance and are in the Martinsburg area, make it over to Spice Connexion and have a great meal or order to go. Here’s their information, website:, phone: (304)901-4333, address: 796 Foxcroft Avenue, Martinsburg, WV 25401.

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